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Community Yoga Program

At One Heart we believe yoga is for everyone, and it is our mission to bring yoga to our community in a way that is tangible and accessible for all. Yoga was never intended to be big business, but a humble practice to lighten our lives, promote well-being and enhance our connection to ourselves and others. We understand that (in order to sustain our little studio in a modern world) class rates and memberships may not be accessible to all people, so we have passionately created the Community Yoga Program. This program encourages Yoga throughout our community, through all walks of life, all age groups and all economic circumstances. We have seen firsthand how yoga can significantly change and enhance the quality of life of those who practice it, and we aim to make the opportunity available to all who would like to experience educated and compassionate yoga instruction. 


Our goal is to transition over time into non-profit status. In the meantime, we have already begun to offer free/donation based classes each week, and we have started our Anonymous Sponsorship Program (see below for more info). We need your help to make these programs possible and to extend them throughout our community. True grassroots! 


Your sponsorship supports:

  • Free Weekly Community Yoga Classes

  • Free Weekly Community Meditation Classes

  • Yoga Student Scholarships 

  • Anonymous Sponsor Program

  • Yoga at Local Schools & Institutions

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Continuing Education

  • Special Events / Workshops

If you would like to become a community sponsor, we have a number of options available. Please see below or contact Morgan at or 850-832-3202.


Both private and business sponsorship welcome.

For businesses: we will feature your logo here on the website, promote on social media, as well as distribute print materials to students at the studio. Let us know if there is a specific event you would like to sponsor. We can also offer private yoga classes for you and your staff.



Sponsorship Levels

If you would like to support yoga in our community but do not plan to practice with us in the studio or you would just like to contribute toward the cause, this is a great option for you. Contact us with any questions or if you would prefer to offer an amount not shown here. Thank you, truly. (Each of the below options also includes 1 year of unlimited studio yoga, just in case you do ever choose to join us!)


Become a Member-Sponsor

If you would like to practice with us at the studio and plan to become a monthly unlimited member, you can choose to sponsor one or more students who are unable to afford a yoga membership through our Anonymous Student Sponsorship Program. This is an amazing program which allows yoga students of any age, level or background to join us at the studio anonymously so that they may feel fully immersed in the yoga community without having to share their financial concerns. The Member-Sponsor option allows you to auto-pay monthly for yourself and the anonymous student/s you have sponsored. You and the students you sponsor will also receive free guest passes and 10% off all full priced retail as well as all workshops and events.

This is truly Karma Yoga. Please contact us with any questions. Gratitude and Namaste. 

Stay tuned for even more to come for the Community Yoga Program at One Heart Yoga...

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